nonsense (she will grow tired of all this)

If as
close as we’re ever likely to get, you and I, is this—this close—
The Way One Animal Trusts Another, Carl Phillips

eventually [he told her]
she will grow tired of all this
nonsense that was who they had to be

it will be a holiday
spent alone just like her nights
but she will tire only of the nonsense

[and he had imagined her
before he ever believed in her
or of the possibility of her

what if i had a hideous birthmark
she taunted him smiling
as they both considered the curve of her]

the nonsense of cars and dark parking lots
the nonsense of silences and secrets
the nonsense of not here, please

nothing he could have discovered of her
would have deterred him from her or this

and nothing would ever erase from her heart him
stopping her from behind to kiss her bare shoulder

—P.L. Thomas