my vegan lover is a paradox

That the sunny days do stick to walls
And then enter you
“There Is No Name Yet,” Dorothea Lasky

Because life is no more important than eating
“Why Poetry Can Be Hard for Most People,” Dorothea Lasky

If only one’s eyes weren’t visible to others, she thinks. If only one could hide one’s eyes from the world.
The Vegetarian, Han Kang

my vegan lover
takes me in her mouth
because she says
i am a willing participant

“this is for me”
she explains afterward
pressing her glistening lips to mine
pinning me down as if forever

taking me because she longs to eat me
consume me entirely
drawing me fully
into every opening of her possible

and then the merger complete
we are indistinguishable
one from the other
taken and given with eyes wide open

—P.L. Thomas