cowards & poets (untouched)

Innocence is always the state of being untouched, right?
Molly Crabapple [interview]

letting go is the art of living fully
in the world your body creates
when you sleep
“I’m Learning Nothing This Night,” Reginald Dwayne Betts

before i realize it
i am cut loose

this is not who i am
of course
relaxed and set free
into the sky

later and awake
terrified again
and paralyzed

i think about the last time
i saw you
when i didn’t say
i love you

i didn’t slip my hand
beneath your shirt
to the skin
of your ribs and back

i didn’t pull you
close to me
embracing you
and the truth of it

because cowards
are as lonely alive
as the dead
decomposing and untouched

we cowards are poets
instead of lovers
with words as empty
and cold as a gravestone

i fall asleep imagining
your lips and hands
on me
i am cut loose

—P.L. Thomas