amper&and (& other stories)

i. (ampersand)

i love you like an ampersand

however short
the coming to be
of you and me

as you&me&you&me

this curving over & into
becoming both of us
& something new as one

and per se and
as well as how each of us
intertwines the other

like the beach against the shore
& sand between your toes
or saltwater coursing our veins

i love you like an ampersand
et cetera

ii. (the snake of you)

if i could i would
draw all the invisible songs
you have sown into my sinew & soul

starting below your ear
& down your neck
& over your shoulder
& across your back
& around your side
to your stomach

so everyone would know forever
the dancing of my heart
coiled & intertwined
with the snake of you

iii. (swimming)

once we shared a pool
you & i

in a town & hotel where neither lived
a point between us

this water joining us impromptu
like the life we never allowed

& now here i am earthbound
treading water alone

not the stroke i wanted to swim
or emptiness i sought

this pool these beds those hotel rooms
& beaches warm & cool

we cannot undo & cannot forget
floating atop memory

no one is faithful & of course
everyone is

—P.L. Thomas